We have reached out to all major parties and asked candidates to submit a candidate statement. Check out our directory of 2021 candidates and what they have to say about post-secondary education in Canada.

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    Sandra Nixon NDP

    Richmond Centre

    I'm an experienced community leader and advocate for social justice and the climate. A United Church minister, school trustee, and housing co-op & electric vehicle advocate,  I've lived in Richmond for 20 years. I believe we're all connected - people and planet. These (and not profit) need to be our priorities as a society, and our government needs to do better for both. I commit to being an engaged and determined voice for Richmond - for meaningful action on housing and affordability, the climate emergency, inequity and racism.

    I have a proven track record of advocacy and action, including:

    - school district SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity) policy

    - an anti-racism working group to address systemic racism in the school system

    - seismic upgrading for schools

    - supporting student climate action and district/city sustainability initiatives

    - supporting temporary modular housing and other affordable & supportive housing

    - more electric vehicle infrastructure

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    Dj Pohl NDP

    DJ Pohl is a community leader and lifelong advocate for justice, fairness, and equality. She has been a resident of Chilliwack for over 30 years and is deeply involved in communities across the Fraser Valley.
    Passionate about climate change, criminal justice, and democracy, she has experience speaking truth to power and has effected change locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. DJ is ready to fight for people in Chilliwack-Hope as the Member of Parliament.
    DJ is a bold voice prepared to make positive change in the best interests of all community members. Committed to making life more affordable for everyday people, she is ready to work for you
    Land Acknowledgement
    DJ recognizes we stand on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territory of the Stó:lō people
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    Cory Longley NDP

    Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies

    Thanks for the opportunity. I stand with students. You are the future of Canada, and the barriers you face, and the cost you face seem insurmountable, but it doesn't have to be that way.

    The NDP has a plan that for starters will remove interest rates on your loans, and hopefully will in the future remove all debt. We believe that you shouldn’t have to start your life, like I did, buried under a heavy debt burden. I struggled for years with a debt load, just so I could do what I loved. It should be better for you. In a country as rich as Canada we should not be paying so high a price for our education since, we DEPEND on you students to step up and be leaders and future taxpayers.

    Our system is broken and needs transformative change. The NDP will do it. The NDP were the only party shouting at the government when Laurentian University went into credit protection mode. WHY? The current government were sleeping at the switch. We need active Leadership, And the only party that takes you seriously is the NDP.

    Students in rural areas face even more barriers with housing and being away from their support systems. We need to make getting an education fair for all students, no matter where you live. The NDP will work for you having a future with out debt. That's what I am working for, and I hope you will work with me, by sending me to Ottawa. Thanks for your time.

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    Maureen Curran Green

    Burnaby South

    I am a citizen, just like you. In previous elections I’ve done my best to get educated about platforms and parties, and to vote for candidates who said they believed in making the changes we need. Candidates who made promises - and broke them.

    This time, I couldn’t sit by and let another politician sell me a good story. I am here because I am a scientist; I’ve read the IPCC reports and I know we don’t have any time to waste. I can’t afford to wait and hope for someone else to be the leader we need - it's time we do it ourselves.

    I believe in voting reform. I believe in collaboration that honours our diversity and in a responsive and honest democracy, where, as your representative, I am there to represent YOU - not just my party.

    I believe in the people of Canada and I believe in Reconciliation - I would actively strive to put all of the Calls to Action in place and to build meaningful partnerships with Indigenous communities so that they can have the equal seat at the table that they deserve and far more autonomy in their own territories.

    I also know that no one wants to be forced to choose between not having a job and being part of destroying their children’s futures. We need to build a strong, green economy - and the Green Party is the only one that is putting climate science ahead of fossil fuel company profits.  When the IPCC report said we need to be reducing our emissions by 60% or more, all the other parties balked and tried to hedge.  They have been "carbon captured" by the oil and gas industry and won't be in a position to put Canadian's interests first.  You can count on me to make sure that we have a strong economy that builds resilience and prosperity in our communities, not corporate bank accounts. 

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    Cheryl Matthew Green

    Vancouver East

    Hi, first let me say that you all are amazing. I remember what it was like eating coffee grinds at 1 a.m. to finish that one last essay and believe it or not when I did my PhD at Carleton in Anthropology I had a 9 month old baby so I can definitely say I know how hard it is. Both my BA (SFU) and MA (Royal Roads) were all hard won, I had some help from my First Nation but I had student loans and worked part-time during my BA, and full-time during my MA and PhD. So I get it. Long story short one of the central pieces of my policy platform is....

    Free Universal Post-Secondary AND trades training for all Canadians. 

    I took a lot of sociology courses and one thing I know for sure is that the social stratification in North America is solidly entrenched, the top 1% the top 10% of wealth is held by a small few (a few thousand who control upwards of 3 trillion dollars). The one leveler to social stratification is - education. I grew up in a pro-education family and I'm proof that it's true. Against all odds as a young, poor kid from the rez, I finished high school inspired by my Mom who went back in her forties to get a BA from the on-reserve campus of SFU in Kamloops. Then went on to get my BA, MA and PhD. Having travelled a bit I was inspired by the European model of free education, that is the society I want to live in - one that supports knowledge, education, trades, training and can keep and inspire our brightest here in Canada.

    Join me and vote Green! I'm also looking for a youth commission in our EDA for Vancouver-East - come bring your thoughts, tell me your policy ideas, bounce ideas off each other. My campaign launch is this Sunday, Sept 12 from 1 - 2:30pm bring your instrument and jam, or share some spoken word. Together we can build this riding, the Green Party of Canada, and our future to protect our plant, our biodiversity, and live a life with dignity with guaranteed liveable income, affordable and social housing, reconciliation, and universal health and dental. www.cherylmatthew.ca  FB/Insta: @votedrcheryl Twitter: @cherylmatthew

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    Joan Phillip NDP

    Central Okanagan--Similkameen--Nicola

    Joan Phillip has years of experience fighting to make life better for the people of British Columbia and to protect our environment, alongside her husband, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip from the Syilx Nation. Joan has extensive political experience with the Penticton Indian Band and the Okanagan Nation Alliance, and through her ongoing position as a Lands Manager.

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    Tammy Bentz NDP

    North Vancouver

    New Democrats are committed to making life more affordable for young people. We will eliminate interest from federal student loans and introduce a targeted debt forgiveness program that forgives up to $20,000 in student debt. Our plan is to permanently double non-repayable Canada Student Grants. We will give new graduates a five-year moratorium on student loan payments. We will work with the provinces to cap and reduce tuition fees. Our vision is to make post-secondary education free and part of the public education system.

    I have heard in the community and on the doorstep that the climate change emergency is the top issue for the people in my riding of North Vancouver. We live in the interface between dense, urban areas and the backcountry wilderness of the North Shore Mountains. We choose to live here because it is the most beautiful area of the country; mild climate, ocean, mountains and dense rainforest. The natural beauty on North Vancouver is a constant reminder of our natural environment. But BC is burning, the polar ice caps melt, seas rise and my son worries that the world will be inhospitable in his lifetime. It is a climate change emergency and I can’t just sit around moaning and complaining; I’m an actor and I have to take action. That’s why the first action I took when I became a candidate was to sign a pledge to do everything in my power to stop the Transmountain pipeline. I’m just one little person with a big voice, but if we get enough of us little people together our voice will be so loud it will shatter the glass ceilings.

    In North Vancouver, housing affordability is a major issue. Our workers, the clerks, baristas, tradespeople, that serve the economy cannot afford to live in the community they work in. Housing in North Vancouver is unaffordable for people of modest means, which means people commute over our two congested bridges, creating daily gridlock. Traffic sucks on the North Shore, but I’ll get to that in a second. The other Parties want to provide stimulus for developers to build market housing, but New Democrats will fix the supply side of the housing equation by spending $14 billion building 500,000 units of co-op, non-market and supportive housing in the next 10 years. We will do that by establishing “fast start funds” to streamline the application process to stimulate the creation of more co-op and no-profit social housing.

    The daily rush hour gridlock, which now extends from 3:00 to 7:00 pm, is a constant source of annoyance for North Shore residents. Building actual non-market affordable housing close to where people work or go to school is one way to decrease congestion. The other way to get people off the streets is to make public transit Free, Accessible, and Reliable for Everyone (FARE). The BC government recently made transit free for kids 12 and under and I think that should be extended to everyone.

    Please visit my website tammybentz.ca for more.

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    Peter Dolling Green

    Burnaby North--Seymour

    I suppose this is a statement to myself, because I am a student too! As someone that had to accumulate student loans and work while studying to have the opportunity to pursue a better life, I am passionate about reducing the barriers to entry for students in Canada. Students should be able to focus on their material - not where their next meal is coming from!

    I like to think that the Green Party is the party that young Canadians can rally behind. So much of our platform is focussed on creating a strong and safe future for the yonger generations today. I joined the Green Party because I don't want to have to think about having a family in the context of how climate change will affect our children. The Green Party is the ONLY party that uses scientific evidence to generate its climate policy. We are the only party that is willing to make the changes needed to ensure that younger generations have a prosperous future ahead of them.

    The Green Party also supports a Guaranteed Livable Income to ensure that you can pursue your passions and not worry about your basic needs. No-one should live in poverty, poverty is a failure of government.

    Most importantly, the Green Party would abolish post-secondary tuition and forgive all government held student loan debt. Read that again.

    What better way to strengthen your country than to empower your citizens with higher education that doesn't saddle them with debt. I beleive education is a right; now it's time we create policy that reflects that.

    Looking for more information about me or the Green Party? Try the links below:



    And most importantly, don't forget to vote! Let's show government that students care about their future!

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    Austin Mullins Green

    Calgary Centre

    Austin Mullins dedicates his political career to ensuring youth voices are represented in politics. He works as a barista in the heart of downtown Calgary.

    Austin is the candidate-of-record for Banff-Airdrie in 2019 and serves as the Member-at-Large representing Youth and Diversity on the Executive Council of the Green Party of Alberta. He previously served as the Alberta Representative on the Young Greens Council of Canada and as Youth Critic for the Green Party of Alberta. He is currently a participant of the Global Young Greens Feminism Working Group.

    Austin found a home in the Global Green movement for his commitment to being a strong voice for social and economic justice, anti-racism, women’s rights, 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, Indigenous reconciliation, decolonization, and of course, meaningful climate action.

    Previously enrolled at Western University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English, Austin hopes to continue his academic career at the University of Calgary in the Fall of 2022 for Political Science.

    In recent years, Austin co-hosted a queer discussion group in Banff and was a participant in the organizing of the Black Lives Matter vigil in Banff. Austin was twice a featured author at Wordsmash, a writing conference hosted by the Banff Centre for students in the Bow Valley.

    Austin is so excited to represent the Green Party of Canada in Calgary-Centre in the next federal election because he believes Green policy is uniquely-positioned to have a meaningful impact on the everyday lives of Calgarians. He believes his role in the next election will be to act as a strong voice for youth, justice, equity, and progress and hold the other candidates accountable to what Calgarians need from their elected representatives and the government at-large.

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    Nikki Macdonald Liberal


     After knocking on more than 4,000 doors and talking to hundreds of voters by phone, it is clear that this is an important election and it is about climate change. The recent IPCC report is stark - we are in Code Red and climate change IS a result of human activity. We need strong leadership, we need bold leadership and we need good science. As a PhD scientist focused on ocean policy I am the only candidate in Victoria with the experience and expertise to bring that leadership. The Liberal Party has the best climate policy according to leading climate modellers. This election we need everyone to vote and to vote for our climate!

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    Lynn Perrin NDP

    Mission--Matsqui--Fraser Canyon

    I have been a dedicated activist and volunteer her entire life. I have worked tirelessly on conservation projects to protect our rivers, land, and wildlife. With years of experience supporting projects in British Columbia, and understand the challenges our communities face and helped develop effective solutions that work for you. I began her community activism protecting fish habitat in West Creek from industrial activities. In 2011 I was a spokesperson for Water Watch Mission-Abbotsford, which successfully prevented the privatization of the water system in Abbotsford and Mission. Since 2012, I have been a Director of Pro Information Pro Environment United People Network (PIPE UP), a community-based non-profit that has opposed the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. I know that successive Liberal and Conservative governments have left our communities behind. They’ve cut services and have failed to keep up with the changing needs of families. Coming out of the pandemic, I am ready to make sure Ottawa is working for everyday people in Mission–Matsqui–Fraser Canyon. I understand we need real investments in local health services, affordable housing, and improved broadband internet connectivity. I am ready to fight for future generations and understand we are living through the impacts of the climate emergency in our community, and she’s committed to making sure we get the help we need now. And I know we can avoid the worst outcomes of the climate emergency with bold emissions targets, and good sustainable jobs at home. I earned a Master of Public Policy degree at Simon Fraser University in 2008. My research focused on supporting and promoting farmers' markets in BC, reducing our carbon footprint, and making sure everyone has access to affordable, nutritious food. A lifelong learner, I know that young people must be able to start their careers right, without the burden of thousands of dollars in student loans. I am ready to listen to workers and families in our community and deliver real results for you in Ottawa as your Member of Parliament.

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    Audrey McKinnon NDP

    Cariboo--Prince George

    As I run for office, I'm still paying off my student loans nearly a decade after I graduated from the Langara Journalism program and I know how hard it is planning for a future right now with a raging climate crisis, increasingly unaffordable housing and a growing wealth gap between the ultra-wealthy and everyone else. 

    I am a 35-year-old parent, former journalist and current NDP candidate for Cariboo-Prince George working to make things better for young folks through things like permanent elimination of interest on student loans and loan forgiveness up to $20,000.

    I believe everyone should have access to quality post-secondary education and income should not be a limiting barrier. To that end, the NDP’s long-term plan is to work with provinces and territories to cap and reduce tuition. As someone who put myself through school as a single parent living in poverty, this is an issue that is close to my heart.

    Your futures also depend on tangible solutions to the climate crisis and the political will to act on them. We’re focused on eliminating fossil fuel subsidies and investing in good, sustainable jobs to make a just transition from fossil fuels and to help reach our goal of reducing emissions by at least 50% by 2030. Our plan includes retrofitting all buildings by 2050 for energy efficiency and resilience, creating a National Crisis Strategy, protecting 30% of our land, freshwater and oceans and implementing UNDRIP while respecting and trusting Indigenous land stewards on the path forward together.

    This country also has a lot of work to do in facing the genocidal acts committed by Canada on Indigenous Peoples, as has been made horrifically more clear by the confirmation of thousands of children buried in unmarked burial sites at the locations of former so-called Residential Schools. I am committed to fighting for action on all of the 94 Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. 

    It is time to find every child and bring them home.

    We must fully fund the search for burial sites, commemoration, reburial and protection of residential school cemeteries according to the wishes of Indigenous communities and of Survivors. The NDP is also committed to ensuring the appointment of a special prosecutor to pursue those who harmed Indigneous children in Canada’s residential school system and to require that churches and governments hand over all records that could be helpful in identifying the children laying buried in unmarked sites.


    As a Member of Parliament, I will not make excuses for a government that fails to act. I will demand action and always advocate for what’s right.


    That includes advocating and protecting the rights of women and LGBTQIA+. It includes advocating for anti-racist policies to protect BIPOC and create better equity in all areas of society. It includes advocating for policies to increase access and quality of life for people with disabilities, and it includes protecting the lives of drug users caught in a deadly drug crisis, underpinned by increasing rates of poverty.

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    Paul Manly Green


    Hi everyone, my name is Paul Manly and I’m your Green Party candidate seeking re-election in Nanaimo-Ladysmith. 

    Before becoming MP, I produced documentary films on environmental issues, international trade deals, food security, and Indigenous issues. I also coordinated employment skills training programs for youth at risk and people with diverse abilities. I grew up in Ladysmith and have been living in Nanaimo for almost 20 years. 

    After years of raising public awareness and influencing government policy from the outside, I decided to enter politics to push for change on the inside. The climate emergency is the defining issue of our time, but our governments have failed to act with the urgency required to meet this crisis.

    We need voices outside the mainstream political parties pushing for bold, courageous climate action. Our families, homes, communities, and future are under threat. Young people know this and have been demanding action. But the other political parties have failed us all. Investing billions of dollars in new fossil fuel projects is unacceptable in a climate emergency. 

    David Suzuki, 350 Canada, and Leadnow have endorsed me as a climate champion. I am one of the top three MPs raising the issue of climate change in parliament. I will continue to fight to end all fossil fuel subsidies, cancel all new pipeline projects and accelerate Canada’s shift to renewable energy. I will also continue pushing for a national ban on gas fracking - something no other political party will commit to.

    My other priorities include:

    • Eliminating tuition fees and forgiving federal student debt. High tuition fees burden students with debts that take decades to pay off, and deny countless people access to the full range of opportunities they deserve. I put forward parliamentary Motion M-95 calling for tuition-free post-secondary education. 
    • Making mental health care accessible for all. In the House of Commons, I have been calling for better, more accessible mental health services. I have also been calling for universal pharmacare and dental care.
    • Ending the affordable housing crisis. Too many people - especially young people - are struggling to make rent or priced out of the housing market. I put forward Motion M-66 calling for stronger regulation to end the predatory investment practices that are driving up home prices and rents.
    • Upholding Indigenous rights and advancing reconciliation. I will continue to push the government for the full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Calls for Justice.
    • Taxing the rich. Canada’s 86 richest individuals and families have accumulated as much wealth as the 11.4 million lowest income Canadians. In parliament, I’ve been actively calling for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations to pay their fair share.
    • Lowering the voting age to 16. It is not enough to say we are listening to the concerns of young people. The climate emergency demands that they have the ability to assert their political will.

    To learn more, check out my website or give me a call at 250-802-7056.

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    Rachel Blaney NDP

    North Island--Powell River

    Working Hard for Coastal Communities

    I grew up near Terrace and moved to Vancouver Island to study at VIU over 20 years ago and never left. I've proudly served as our MP since 2015 and worked as Executive Director for the Immigrant Welcome Centre, a non-profit providing services to newcomers to Canada in the northern half of Vancouver Island. I had never planned to go into politics, but I have always had a passion for justice and equality, and could see that the changes I wanted to see in my community and in the world required action from our most senior levels of government. So in 2015 when we were desperate to get rid of the Harper Conservative government, I agreed to step up.

    It's been an amazing, often frustrating experience, but I'm so proud of what our small NDP caucus has accomplished. From finally ensuring the passage of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples into Canadian law, to ensuring the climate change bill C-12 includes near-term targets, reporting and accountability measures, to forcing the Liberal government to improve their pandemic benefits for workers, small businesses, seniors and students -- I know we've made a real difference for so many Canadians.

    But there's much more work to do. 

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    Jagmeet Singh NDP

    Burnaby South

    keep fighting for you.

    Jagmeet Singh was born in Scarborough, Ontario, and spent some of his childhood in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. He grew up mostly in Windsor, Ontario.

    As a kid, he often felt left out. He knows what it’s like to have forces working against you, but that just made him more determined to be who he is. When Jagmeet was a young man, he had to step up to take care of his family when his father was ill and unable to work. It gave him a glimpse of how precarious your family’s security can feel, and how important it is to have people around who care and can help.

    • Eliminating interest on federal student loans
    • Introducing a debt forgiveness program that in the first year alone will wipe out 20% of all student debt
    • Permanently doubling Canada Student Grants
    • Building affordable housing, addressing cell phone and internet costs, introducing pharmacare and investing in childcare
    • Tackling climate change while creating a green recovery to lift up the next generation
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    Michelle Corfield Liberal


    A champion for a better future in Nanaimo–Ladysmith


    Dr. Michelle Corfield has been a lifetime resident of Nanaimo. She credits her hometown as the source for her grit, determination, and dedication to community service.


    Michelle’s upbringing on Vancouver Island led her to become passionate about reconciliation, community organizing, and social equality. Her interests led her to receive a Bachelor’s in First Nations Studies, a Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution, as well as a Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership.


    Michelle became an experienced negotiator with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. She worked closely with the federal government to secure $46.2 million from the $100 million Port of Nanaimo expansion project. In addition to this, she led a community movement to push the municipality to address environmental concerns by facilitating the Colliery Dam conclusion. She also used her organizing skills and negotiating experience to raise funds for the Stevie Smith Bike Park, a beloved community space.


    Michelle wants to use her negotiation, conflict resolution, and advocacy skills to help push Nanaimo-Ladysmith forward. She wants to go to Ottawa to advance reconciliation, champion sustainability, and push for social justice.

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    Alana DeLong Conservative


    Hi. My name is Alana DeLong and I am the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for Cowichan-Malahat-Langford. I was born in Nelson and raised in the Okanagan where my family had a small fruit orchard and I spent my days exploring the hills and lakes when not working in our roadside fruit stand. We eventually sold the orchard and moved to Victoria for my mother’s work. She became the music teacher at Vic High and the conductor of the BC Youth Orchestra. I was one of her students, as was David Foster. He proved to be the better musician.

    After graduation I continued my education at UBC earning an honors mathematics degree. From there I went to the University of Calgary for graduate work. I also hiked and canoed extensively through the Rockies, spending days at a time exploring the wilderness.

    After leaving University, I found my way into the computer industry, where, for over thirty years, I broke through glass ceilings becoming the first female computer mainframe salesman with Sperry Univac, and the first female marketing manager with Canadian General Electric.

    Next came politics where for four terms as a Calgary MLA. During that time, I worked hard to take the Bow river from an undrinkable state to a river that was clean and potable from the Rockies to it’s exit from Calgary. I also was instrumental in the introduction and establishment of what was then the second largest provincial park in Alberta.

    But the work I was most proud of was the work on behalf of my constituents. I have always believed that this is the primary purpose of any politician, to work for one’s constituents as they interface with government.


    Why am running for the Conservative Party in this election? I have always believed there is no such thing as government money. It is all dollars hard-earned by the taxpayer, and once wasted, takes years to replace.

    The Conservative party recognizes this and has put together a platform to bring our financial house in order without cutting services

     But the environment is, and has been, important to me, and in that regard we have created a strong environment and a climate change plane that tackles the problems we face today and builds infrastructure to continue the climate change battle, with initiatives like billion dollar investments in Hydrogen technology and EV production amongst others.

    My husband and I have lived on Thetis Island for the last six years. We are lucky in that we could afford our home. Many others are faced with an affordability crisis. We believe that supply is one of the main reasons for this and have a solid plan to increase supply while tackling issues such as foreign ownership.

    These are some of the reasons I am running for the Conservative Party of Canada. There are many more, but let me close by thanking the BC Federation of Students for the opportunity to share a bit about myself with you.

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    Garth Frizzell Liberal

    Cariboo--Prince George

    The big issues of this election: beating COVID, addressing climate change, improving health care and child care, improving housing, strengthening reconciliation, and fighting racism and discrimination are all critical here. Our region is ground zero for all these issues: Williams Lake, Wells, Quesnel, Prince George, Vanderhoof and all points in between.

    I was a student when I moved to Prince George in 1996 to study at UNBC for two years. Like many, I fell in love with the North, and found a community to engage, invest in, to volunteer… to be a part of.

    As a student, I started a software company in my rented basement apartment.  Over time, this company, Terra Cognita, grew into a successful award-winning tech company with a dozen staff.  During that time, I met Sue, we married, and together we were delighted to build a family here with three children.

    In 15 years of tech entrepreneurship, I was elected repeatedly to the Prince George Chamber of Commerce, including as President. This led to appointments for six years on the Province of BC Small Business Roundtable.  This background serves me well now in my new role: teaching technology, business and economics courses at the College of New Caledonia.

    In 2008 I was first elected to Prince George City Council, and I have continued in that role through four elections. I have chaired the city's Standing Committee on Finance and Audit since 2014.  As a city councillor I also volunteered 11 years with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). My economic development work with FCM International in Asia and South America led to receiving the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013.

    Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, I became President of FCM, the first in Prince George's history. This meant regular video conference advocacy with the federal cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister to determine the best directions for supporting communities and cities.

    That advocacy achieved unprecedented successes:

    • "Safe Restart" operating funds -$8.6 Bn
    • doubling of Canada Community Building Fund (Gas Tax) -$2.1 Bn
    • public transit projects -$14.9 Bn
    • permanent transit fund -$3 Bn/year
    • the Rapid Housing Initiative -$2.5 Bn; and
    • the expansion of the Universal Broadband Fund -$2.75 Bn

    The success of advocacy lies in building a shared purpose and a partnership with others. This approach has been very successful for me with the federal government from the outside. Imagine how good it will be for our region when I’m applying it again, serving you as your MP.


  • Profile picture for Elizabeth May

    Elizabeth May Green

    Saanich--Gulf Islands

    Elizabeth May is a respected national voice for our planet and our children. We are in a climate emergency. As Greta Thunberg says, ‘Our house is on fire’. We need action now.

    You can depend on Elizabeth to do the work. Her collaborative approach fosters strong relationships across party lines. Over the last ten years, Elizabeth and her wonderful Sidney office team have assisted thousands of constituents – solving problems in immigration, pensions, support for small businesses, while championing whales, old growth, and salmon.

    Elizabeth May is ready to fight for environmental, social and economic justice – to find solutions that help you and your family have a better quality of life, now and in the future.

    You can count on Elizabeth to stand for:

    • Action on Climate Emergency
    • TRUTH and Reconciliation
    • Save our Salish Sea
    • Free Tuition
    • Affordable Living
    • Health Care for All

    Elizabeth May is one of Canada’s best known parliamentarians and is a life-long environmental advocate. Our MP has a proven track record as one of Canada's hardest-working, most-effective and ethical Members of Parliament. 

    A federal MP since 2011 and parliamentary leader of the Green Party, Elizabeth May is honoured to represent Saanich-Gulf Islands on the territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ Nation.
    (Thank you, in the language of the W̱SÁNEĆ people, who have been living in this place for thousands of years. We acknowledge living on the territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ people.)
  • Profile picture for Nick Loughton

    Nick Loughton Green


    I was born and raised in Victoria and am proud to call this place my home. My core values are service, compassion, and justice and I bring them to every issue and every job I take on. 

    My experience living with type 1 diabetes since childhood originally led me to pursue a career in medicine and in biomedical research, where I worked for several years developing nanovaccines to treat advanced breast cancers. 

    Some of the problems I encountered in my medical research, such as funding cuts, caused me to think more broadly about how government can shape, for good and bad, the social, economic, and environmental issues we face as a society.

    I have a lot of faith in our resiliency and ingenuity as people. For every problem we have created—from global warming, to the increasingly unaffordable cost of housing and food, to failing to respect Indigenous rights to this land, to the lack of clean drinking water in Indigenous communities—I believe we can, with a combination of ingenuity and humility, find human-powered solutions. 

    We’re one of the world’s richest and most diverse countries in history - these are our strengths. But there is no excuse for a country as privileged as ours not to provide all Canadians with the basic human rights like:

    • affordable housing
    • a decent job and a living wage
    • head-to-toe universal and accessible healthcare, including pharmacare, vision, hearing, dental, mental health, and long-term care.

    And there is no excuse for continuing to log our ancient forests, risking our coastlines with tanker traffic and declining orca and salmon populations, and delaying the transition to a renewable energy future to stop global warming and the extreme weather events we have seen this year.

    A Green government is also committed to forgiveness of student debt and free tuition, to set Canadian youth up for a better future.

    The urgency of these issues can no longer be denied. We need all hands on deck NOW. We need you. 

    Please join me. You already know all the reasons to vote Green. This is the election to do it.

  • Profile picture for Devon Hargreaves

    Devon Hargreaves Liberal


    Devon grew up in the northern Alberta city of Fort McMurray before calling Lethbridge home with his wife of seven years. While pursuing a career in insurance, he has worked hard as a dedicated community advocate and non-profit leader.

    During his two years as Chair of Lethbridge Pride Fest, the organization won the City of Lethbridge “Celebrate Downtown” award for Event of the Year. Co-founding YQueerL Society for Change, Devon is a leader in the movement to ban the harmful practice of conversion therapy, and will continue to build on our Liberal government’s work to create a more inclusive Canada.

    With investments in irrigation infrastructure and support for farmers, the Liberal government has had Alberta’s back. It cut taxes for the middle class, provided resources for personal protective equipment (PPE) and supported front line workers. The Canada Child Benefit invests more than $8 million in our community to help families with the cost of raising their kids.

    Devon is running to be our next Member of Parliament because he believes our community needs strong leadership in Ottawa. He will work to assist our region’s farmers, small business owners, and public services, while ensuring our seniors, students, and families have the support they need.

    Here in Lethbridge, we work together and take care of one another, and Devon will be the strong voice we need to represent our region as our next Member of Parliament.

  • Profile picture for Shahnaz Munir

    Shahnaz Munir Liberal

    Calgary Rocky Ridge

    I am an educator, a scholar, a working mother, and a community volunteer; as such, I am honoured and I am dedicated to making the residents of Calgary Rocky Ridge proud of me and happy to have me as their representative in Ottawa.  I believe that my experience as a longtime resident of this riding, my tireless community involvement, and my passionate desire to make Canada the best country it can possibly be will help me to speak on behalf of our great province.  As an immigrant to this wonderful country that has given me so much I am very grateful. I have also seen many changes in Calgary Rocky Ridge and I appreciate the struggles and difficult issues that many of you have faced in the past twenty years.  

    Through my post-secondary education as well as my life experience, I bring to the task of parliamentarian an appreciation of and respect for all cultures and points of view.  I understand the social and economic challenges that are facing so many Canadians.  I promise to work tirelessly for all of you who want a more equitable, economically thriving,and environmentally healthy country.  Alberta deserves a voice in shaping Canada in the future and I am someone who will listen and respond to your concerns.

    Learn more @YYCShahnazMunir

         For Calgary Rocky Ridge
  • Profile picture for June Liu

    June Liu NDP

    South Surrey--White Rock

    Hi, I'm June Liu, your NDP candidate in South Surrey-White Rock.

    I'm going to level with you - I'm 25 years old and I'm running for office. It is so important that we get involved and have our voices heard. No one understands the issues we face better than we do, and we have the ability to come up with creative and effective solutions and implement them. We are the new stewards of our community, the ones who will inherit this society that has been built before us - we need to make sure that it can keep up. I know first-hand that it can feel like problems are too big and we are helpless, but that's not true. We can work together and create something bigger and better than ourselves. We can take care of each other; we just have to try. 

    This election, I am committed to having our voices heard. I am fighting to go to Ottawa so we can have affordable post-secondary education, fair housing prices, and make life more affordable so we can look forward to adulthood in excitement again. Wanting to learn is human nature and higher education shouldn't be gatekept with a hefty price tag. Having a fair start to your educational career should not depend on how much money you have. Having a safe place to call home is a basic human need and the housing market should be treated as such. These are all goals we can accomplish; we just have to work together.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more we need to do. Things like affordable childcare, upholding LGBTQI2S+ rights, reconciliation, racial equality, protecting the environment, pandemic recovery and workers’ rights are all at the forefront of our minds. I, alongside my NDP teammates, are here and ready to fight for things that matter to all of us. A better tomorrow is on the horizon and the best way to make it happen this September 20th is to get out and vote. Vote for your community, vote for a future you want to see, and most importantly, vote for you.

    These are things that I care about, and I want to see through to completion. What do you envision for your community? I’d love to hear from you on Facebook, Instagram or via email at [email protected]. Read more about what we have in store for Canadians at www.ndp.ca/commitments.

  • Profile picture for Lisa Marie Barron

    Lisa Marie Barron NDP


    Nanaimo-Ladysmith is my home, where I've raised my two teenage children and have fought for some of the most vulnerable people in our community for over 26 years. I’m deeply rooted here and I know what it's like to do the work on the frontlines to make change, not just talk about it. I work on the frontlines in Addictions as a Youth Family Navigator, and I am a School Board Trustee. In my role on the ground working with people I am seeing so many young people being negatively impacted by a number of crises. Trudeau’s Liberals are leaving the young people behind. And I can’t sit back any longer. 

    First and foremost, we are in a climate crisis. Too many of our community’s most vulnerable are the first impacted in this climate emergency. I want Canada to be a world leader on climate action, right now we are not. An NDP government will fulfill Canada’s G-20 commitment to eliminate these fossil fuel subsidies and redirect those funds to low carbon initiatives, and put in place legislation to ban any future oil, gas and pipeline subsidies.

    Climate action needs to be tied to reconciliation. Jagmeet has committed $500 million to support Indigenous-led stewardship programs to advance reconciliation and protect the land, water and forests, including old growth. It's time we had a government that took reconciliation seriously and implemented every one of the 94 calls to Action by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, including clean drinking water for all communities. 

    And, finally, people are telling me that it is getting too expensive to live here, we are facing an affordability crisis; and I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve struggled to make ends meet, trying to afford my family's dental care, rent and groceries. People need relief now, especially after this pandemic. That’s why the NDP has been fighting for head to toe healthcare. Universal public pharmacare will extend coverage to everyone in Canada. Saving folks an average of $550 per year. 

    New Democrats will also remove interest from federal student loans – because the government should not be profiting off the backs of students. Today, the average student with debt owes $28,000 at the end of an undergraduate degree – and they will end up paying over $10,000 more in interest. Students are also more likely to be in low-wage, precarious work that has been impacted by the pandemic, cutting off a critical source of income. Unfortunately these stories are all too common, and these inequalities are setting young people up to fail. We need to do better. 

    That's why we need stronger representation in Ottawa. Someone who will fight to make life better here. Someone who can make real change in Ottawa. 


    The NDP has a proven track record of fighting for people and fighting for our planet. Jagmeet Singh and the New Democrats are pushing for a better future where no one is left behind and the ultra rich pay their fair share. 

  • Profile picture for Tara Howse

    Tara Howse Green

    South Okanagan--West Kootenay

    Increasing young votership is so important as it literally affects the rest of your life. As an Elder Millennial, I chose to enter politics because I felt decisions being made did not reflect realities of young Canadians, particularly related to affordability and why climate action is required NOW, not later.

    Voices are not being listened to and in some cases historically ignored or repressed - such as Indigenous voices. In this riding, there are four overlapping, traditional territories (Syilx, Secwepemc, Sinixt, and Ktunaxa peoples) as well as a Metis chartered communities. All of our decisions need to work with and alongside Indigenous populations, locally and federally.

    One solution to increasing young voter turnout is to lower the voting age to 16, a petition that Green Party MP, Elizabeth May, has brought forward on many occasions. By lowering the age, voting behaviour becomes familiar so that when a person moves out for work, school, or other, they already know the process. 

    The Green Party has called for abolishing tuition, and I heartedly support this. We already provide education for Grades K-12, why not continue for a few more years? Starting out your adult life with $30,000+ in debt is being set up for failure. I just finished my Masters and it was only possible due to having a financially supportive and stable partner. While college and university may not be the pathway for everyone, cost should not be deciding factor for a person when choosing whether or not to carry on with higher education.

    People have a right to safe, secure housing, regardless of income. Subsidized housing is presently borne on the backs of volunteers in a community and market housing has become unattainable for young professionals. Massive shifts have to occur: amending mortgage regulations to allow tiny homes and greater supports for alternative options, such as cooperative or cohousing models, are some examples.

    As your Green Party MP, my job is to represent you. I will listen and bring your voice to Parliament.

    Please see www.TaraHowseMP.ca for more information about myself.

  • Profile picture for Murray Sigler

    Murray Sigler Liberal

    Calgary Confederation

    Murray’s reasons for running are as follows:

    1. Murray believes in the policies and leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.
    2. A strong Liberal majority government should and will represent all Canadians and all regions of Canada.
    3. Calgary is a modern, dynamic urban area. We are a young, fast growing, diverse, multi-cultural population which at its core embraces the social and economic policies of our Liberal Government.
    4. Calgary needs a strong and effective voice in Ottawa.

  • Profile picture for Greg Springate

    Greg Springate Liberal

    St. Albert--Edmonton

    August 31, 2021


    Youth Engagement – Alberta

    A message by Greg Springate, Candidate, Liberal Party of Canada


    A community-minded, tenured assistant professor at MacEwan University with a chartered professional accountant designation and a strong social conscience. In a few words, that’s how best to describe me. My name is Greg Springate and I want to represent the constituents of St. Albert-Edmonton in Ottawa.


    Interacting with students that I teach in the School of Business at MacEwan University, I understand the financial pressures and concerns that students face daily. Whether its accelerating tuition costs, access to student loans and other forms of financial aid, or affordable student housing, I will fight to support you. This includes advancing our promise to keep the Canada Student Grant at $6,000 for another two years and changing the student loan repayment assistance program so new grads don’t have to start paying your loans back until you make at least $40,000 a year. 

    I am sensitive to the challenges facing Indigenous students and their communities. I am proud of the Liberal team promise to invest billions in Indigenous housing and mental health programs to be developed in partnership with First Nations, Inuit and Metis Nation. And I will work to enhance access to post-secondary education for Indigenous students.


    I understand what it takes to make businesses grow and create new jobs, what it will take to see them through this pandemic and the challenges of managing an economy. In fact, in my sabbatical, I am currently doing research on strategies that we can employ today, don’t unfairly burden future generations. I know that students are concerned about the economy and the job prospects that will be there for you when you graduate. With my decades of business experience in the energy sector and the Auditor General’s Office, combined with the Liberal team pledge to spend $721 million to help students find jobs, I will be there to help students launch countless new careers.


    Climate change is a burning issue – quite literally - for all Canadians. The Liberal team has an ambitious environmental action plan that accelerates climate action for more jobs, cleaner communities and less pollution. It includes tactical measures like investing in firefighting equipment and training and helping homeowners with energy retrofits, and broader, strategic measures to reduce greenhouse gases and fight climate change.


    My focus in this election will be on championing the needs of the middle class. That means fighting for $10-a-day daycare, supporting a national Pharmacare program, affordable housing, support for seniors and investing in social programs that Canadians need – when they need it – all within a fiscally responsible framework.


    The people of St. Albert-Edmonton need a strong, local voice in Ottawa. I want to be at the table and be that voice. I ask for your support to get there.


    Please follow me on Facebook at SpringateStAlbert or on Twitter at GregSpringate

  • Profile picture for David Macdonald

    David Macdonald Green

    New Westminster--Burnaby

    David Macdonald retired in 2014 after 35 years of Federal Public Service.  Three of those years were as a diplomat accredited to the Republic of India and the Kingdom of Nepal but the bulk was spent in Canada as a program administrator and litigator.

    David is a founding member of the Burnaby Green Party; the founding President of the Burnaby-Lougheed Riding Association of the BC Green Party; and the founding CEO of the New Westminster-Burnaby Electoral District Association of the Green Party of Canada (GPC).

    Enough about David.  What should every post-secondary student in BC know about the Green Party of Canada and what a Green government would do?  A Green government would: Eliminate tuition fees and forgive federal student debt.

    It flies in the face of reason that students in Canada graduate with huge financial burdens.  An educated citizenry is our most valuable resource.  We need every Canadian to be able to focus on helping build a Green Economy.  

    If the above makes sense to you and you feel the climate crisis is the most important issue in the 2021 election then vote Green.  

  • Profile picture for Dr Stacey Gastis

    Dr Stacey Gastis Other

    North Island Powell River

    This election Western Canadians have a choice.  We ca continue to support the mainstream, Ottawa based parties that serve the interests of eastern Canada or elect Maverick Party candidates.  As a Maverick Party Member of Parliament I will be your voice TO Ottawa and not Ottawa's voice to you.  If you are interested in our message you can find more information at staceygastis.ca. 

  • Profile picture for George Chahal

    George Chahal Liberal

    Calgary Skyview

    As a community leader and long-time advocate, I am committed to creating good new jobs, growing our middle class, supporting the most vulnerable, and building a more inclusive Calgary through government that represents all citizens. 

    When I was a City Councillor, my work led to the approval of major recreation projects. I also initiated and chaired Calgary's Community-Based Public Safety Task Force, was appointed to the Calgary Police Commission and brought forward support and relief for thousands of my constituents who were affected by a devastating hailstorm in 2020.

    I believe that public service is an essential part of Canada’s social and economic fabric. I am strongly committed to ensuring that all Calgarians are treated with respect and have equal access to opportunity and resources.