We have reached out to all major parties and asked candidates to submit a candidate statement. Check out our directory of 2021 candidates and what they have to say about post-secondary education in Canada.

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    Hibo Mohamed Liberal

    Edmonton Strathcona

    Hi! My name is Hibo [hee-BOW], and I'm running to be your Liberal representative in Edmonton Strathcona. Fourteen years ago, my family and I settled in Edmonton to build a new life and create a new home in our adopted country of Canada.

    The kindness and generosity that my family were shown inspired a passion to give back. I volunteered throughout high school, at the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services at the University of Alberta, with the Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton, and more. From a young age, I have long fostered a commitment to equity and social justice. 

    Supporting women and diverse communities is vital for me. In my work with ParityYEG ensuring gender diversity in all levels of government, and in my work with the YWCA Edmonton, I saw how supporting women in our communities is what makes us stronger. As your Member of Parliament, I will focus on efforts towards childcare, ending gender-based violence, and supporting an inclusive economic recovery that benefits everyone.

    In 2020 I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Art & Design. I am also a celebrated professional artist, and in my craft I came to understand the difficulties faced by artists and small businesses, especially during the pandemic.

    Edmonton Strathcona needs a representative that personally understands the struggles faced by our neighbours and friends, and who has a proven track record of community service with a strong vision for the future.

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    David Gamble Liberal


    At the heart of David’s message is the belief that Canadians deserve to be heard and have the right to speak their minds and choose what they would like to see going forward. He is a dedicated and hard-working business owner who recognizes that having a plan and taking bold action means every Canadian can move forward into a better and brighter future.

    David’s connection to Banff-Aidrie is strong: Cochrane is the place where he and his wife, Lee Yee, bought their first home. He knows the value and strength of community and the importance of listening – of meeting with residents to understand their needs and issues. He has met with candidates of the upcoming municipal election to discuss how policies can help towns and communities in Banff-Airdrie and has worked with local community services, including the Cochrane Society for Housing Options and the Cochrane and Area Victim Services.

    David’s platform is founded on the Liberal Party’s continuing pledge to make life better for families and communities. This includes his focus on:

    • affordable $10/day child care;
    • affordable housing;
    • improvements to regional transit;
    • growth in the economy and local tourism; and
    • transitioning to a green economy.

    David and his wife built a business management and consulting firm and, more recently, founded the non-profit Society for the Preservation of Multiculturalism in the Built Environment. He has worked and been a candidate for the Liberal Party of Alberta and volunteered for federal Liberal Party candidates throughout the years. He has a background in business analysis and policy. David attended UNBC (BA, MA) and Western University (MA).

    David is a Liberal candidate who wants to move the future forward. For everyone. To learn more about David and his campaign, visit his website gavidgamble.liberal.ca or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Randy Boissonnault Liberal

    Edmonton Centre

    It would be an understatement to say this has been a difficult year. But after much struggle and many challenges, the time has come to rebuild. 

    As we carefully move out of this pandemic, we must act on a bold, progressive agenda that cannot and must not wait. It’s going to be a big challenge. A mountain to climb. That is why I am running to be your next Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre.

    Here, in Edmonton Centre, we have the opportunity to choose a progressive vision for the future by electing a Liberal MP who will be able to deliver results for our city. We have seen what happens when Conservatives form government. Cuts to post-secondary education. Cuts to nurses’ salaries. Regressive curriculum changes.

    But if we come together, we can deliver results for our community. A re-elected Liberal government will deliver:  

    • $10/day child care for Edmonton families.
    • Housing affordability and accessibility by building 1.4 million homes and expanding the First-Time home buyers incentive, ensuring young Edmontonians have the same chance to own a home as past generations. 
    • A moratorium on the interest on student loans.
    • A strengthened public health care system by hiring more doctors and nurses. 
    • A real plan to fight climate change that also grows our economy. 

    Guided by our shared values, we can build a strong economic recovery that leaves no one behind. The task ahead is great. But we can achieve it.

    We are staring down an opportunity to show the world, with one voice, the very best of our Edmonton. Our progressive, inclusive, compassionate community. Our home.

    Let’s do this together.

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    Olumide Sporty Adewumi Liberal

    Red Deer--Mountain View

    My Name is Olumide (Sporty) Adewumi. I have worked for more than 20 years in the Oil and Gas Sector for a major Multinational Energy Company. I am also a small business owner and entrepreneur in Alberta. I graduated with university honors at Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering (Petroleum Production Option).

    I am honored to be the Liberal Party of Canada Candidate for Member of Parliament in Red Deer Mountain View Riding. There is never a time in the history of our country, especially in Alberta when we need a strong representative in the House of Commons to make a case for the ailing energy industry in Alberta, and with my rich experience in the Oil and Gas space, I am more than prepared to take on this challenge.

    Red Deer Mountain view had been represented by the 68 years old Earl Dreeshen, a conservative since 2008 (13years) and we have not seen any significant progress largely because of old ideas. He is still the Conservative Candidate in the 2021 federal election. I strongly believe it’s time we should have fresh ideas and fresh blood.

    Think about the progressive impact a Liberal MP from Red Deer and a Liberal Prime Minister will make. Albertans and Red Deer Mountain View, now is the time for the revival of our Energy Industry. This is what I stand for, this is what I want you to support me to do.

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    Adam Wilson Brown Liberal

    Edmonton West

    Hello! My name is Adam Wilson Brown, and I am running to be your Member of Parliament for Edmonton West in this federal election.

    Edmonton West is where I grew up and continue to call home. I have been lucky to be recognized as one of Edmonton’s Top 40 Under 40, and bring a diverse background as a Juno winning musician, MBA graduate, and entrepreneur in the tech industry. I went to school right here in Edmonton and I see the potential this city and province has, and know I have the passion and drive to represent your voice in Ottawa and push Alberta forward.

    I want to ensure that Edmonton is a place you call home, and I know that means having secure and fruitful employment. As the CEO of a local nanotech company, I have a track record in creating jobs, and making investments in technology and innovation. I want to help create more jobs and make Edmonton an even more exciting place for companies to grow their business so people like you can build their future.

    In this election, I think we can all agree that we cannot afford to double down on the efforts and failed policies of Premier Jason Kenney by having a Conservative government federally. 

    With policies including $10 a day child care, a concrete plan on how to ensure the dream of hownership is made a reality, a commimtne to the environment, reconciliation, health care, and a recovery strategy to see our country build back better than ever, our Liberal Party has a strong plan in place to move Canada forward for everyone.

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    Habiba Mohamud Liberal

    Edmonton Griesbach
    We are emerging out of a very trying period in our history. COVID-19 has strained our social systems and our businesses. Climate change is looming and energy transition is coming faster than most people thought. I believe that this is a time of opportunity to emerge from COVID stronger, more sustainable, more equitable and ready for the future.
    Canada, and especially Alberta, is ready to follow investment trends and excel in the new energy economy that is coming. We need to leverage our expertise as an energy nation to build the new, sustainable energy economy of the future. I believe in equality, in supporting vulnerable populations because I personally know how important these supports can be. I believe in a strong Canada where small businesses thrive in a sustainable economy, our kids kids have jobs and people thrive economically and socially.

    This September, Canadians will vote for Canada’s future and I encourage you to do the same. Whether voting by mail, advance polls (September 10-13) or election day (September 20), this is a critical time for your voice to be heard. 

    By choosing me, we can move Edmonton forward.  For everyone.

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    Felix Kongyuy Green

    Surrey Centre
    Felix N. Kongyuy (he/him), MA, Q.Arb has been active in the Corporate and Social Services sectors for decades. Privately, he is a skilled Arbitrator with extensive experience in Small Business and a Non-Profit Consultant. Felix, is the Director of Moveon Consulting and Arbitration.
    Felix is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society, a community organization that serves vulnerable children, at-risk youth, women, families, persons with disabilities, French- and English-speaking Canadians, and newcomer immigrants.
    In the Lower mainland, Felix has served in several advisory tables addressing social justice, racism, community safety, children and at-risk youth programming gaps, skill shortages for newcomers, small business needs, immigrant challenges, the housing shortage, capacity and community building, and issues impacting senior health issues.
    Felix has served on several national organizations as a Board Director, Advisory Member, and Member at Large. He has co-founded organizations like Global Peace Alliance and businesses like First Call Health and Home Care Services. Felix also led and designed programs for Indigenous, Christian, and Spiritual groups in British Columbia and has worked with several political leaders in his community, regardless of their party, on issues of interest to his constituents.
    Felix and his family live in Surrey and are happy to call it home. He has cultivated a close connection with the community and is deeply engaged in community building, in which he has extensive experience. Felix speaks English, French, and German, which has expanded his ability to communicate his ideas and connect with others. He also has considerable knowledge of politics, business, public policy, and social justice issues and looks forward to being an agent of change for Surrey Centre. Join our campaign” Imagine, The Change,” with Felix Kongyuy, as donor, volunteer, community mobilizer, and an ally.
    “No society can understand itself without looking at its shadow side” Gabor Mate
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    Irene Walker Liberal

    Sturgeon River--Parkland

    As a mother of children who have University degrees, I would just like to say that I feel that it is extremely important to encourage young people to be involved.

    It is important for elected people in all governments to listen and understand you.

    I hope that many of you will become involved or take, maybe the first step by voting.

    Many people think that their vote doesn't matter. I  have always thought that every vote counts

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    Leslie Penny Liberal

    Peace River--Westlock

    I want to be the MP for my riding as there are Liberal programs that are vital to the well-being of those living in our riding. Our country needs an affordable child care system. We need people to work to build our economy, and that requires that a family who needs child care can afford it We need a robust plan of action to do our part in dealing with climate change. We need federal and provincial cooperation to build a long term care system that is safe and affordable for all our seniors. As the price of housing and thus rent as well continues to increase our government will work with provinces and municipalities to build new housing or provide funds to modify existing buildings into affordable housing. A Canadian government needs to be willing to support the services needed to bring immigrants to our country both for humanitarian and economic reasons. Canada needs to be moving forward and a Liberal government can make that happen. 

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    Jordan Stein Liberal

    Calgary Forest Lawn

    Jordan was born and raised in Calgary and is a devoted community leader who is passionate about creating a just and equitable city while taking meaningful action to address Climate Change. Jordan runs a successful community hub and coffee shop in Inglewood. As a small business owner, she understands the challenges families face and what it takes to create good, well-paying, middle class jobs in the community. 

    Jordan understands the importance of good governance and the real impact strong Government Leadership can have, especially as we face crises and challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the impacts of climate events today and in the future.

    As your Liberal Member of Parliament, Jordan will continue to work tirelessly to strengthen the middle class by empowering minority communities, taking action against systemic racism and working towards reconciliation.



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    Imre Szeman Green

    Kelowna--Lake Country

    There are three areas about which I would like to speak with Canadian youth: the need for fundamental, real action on climate change; building healthier communities; and planning for renewable economies. Each of these is an important component of the Green Party’s platform; each is also especially important to me, as my views on them emerge from 25 years of dialogue with youth as a Canadian university professor. I’ll talk about each in turn.

    Climate Action

    30 years ago, the Canadian government agreed to limit its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Successive Conservatives and Liberal governments have done close to nothing to do this. Canada is now one of the planet’s top emitters and is in most studies at the bottom of the list on climate action.

    The Green Party is ready to take on the biggest challenge of our era: climate mitigation and energy transition. It’s at the core of what we stand for and at the heart of our policy expertise.  Our main proposal is to reduce GHGs by 60% from 2005 levels by 2030. Other parties might say this is too ambitious or isn’t realistic. Yet it is in line with the announcement by the European Union to cut GHG emissions by at least 55 per cent by 2030. Our climate plan details how we can make these cuts and do so effectively and efficiently.

    This summer was the hottest recorded in human history. Until governments get serious about doing something, it will only get hotter.


    Healthy Communities

    Healthy, inclusive, and diverse communities are at the heart of our experience as Canadians. Or they should be. But our communities are suffering. Home ownership is out of reach for many Canadians, especially younger people and recent immigrants. Transit in many regions is out of date and limited in its reach. And universities and colleges are underfunded and increasingly expensive.

    These problems seem to be getting worse over time, not better. Recent governments obviously don’t feel that it’s their responsible to help make our communities healthy. The Green Party is committed to helping communities of all sizes become healthier and move vibrant places to live in -- places where everyone can live out their hopes and dreams.


    Renewable Futures

    The Green Future is here. All around the world, countries are taking advantage of the huge opportunities arising from the transition to a green economy. Entrepreneurs are developing new ways of making things and moving things without hurting the environment. Investors are putting billions into decarbonizing the world. And the G7 has announced the global financial system needs to go green.

    As other countries race ahead, Canada is in danger of being left behind in the new green economy. Governments have not given companies the support and encouragement to make the transition. Other parties have stood idly on the sidelines, hoping things will all just work out. The Green Party intends to jump into the game, so that Canadian businesses and workers can succeed in the green future.

    Thanks! Imre

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    Hedy Fry Liberal

    Vancouver Centre

    Hello everyone! I'm Dr. Hedy Fry, your Liberal candidate in Vancouver Centre. I got into politics because, trite as it may sound, I wanted to change things for the better. As a physician, issues like poverty, housing, substance abuse, LGBTQ2+ rights, the criminalization of sex workers, the right of students to have access to education regardless of ability to pay, universal Medicare, gender equality and systemic racism and discrimination were important areas that needed attention.


    The pandemic was hard on everyone, especially students and young people trying to enter the job market. We will extend the Canada Recovery Hiring Program to March 31, 2022, so businesses can hire more workers and more Canadians can get back to work. Our Liberal Plan provides continued support to Canadian workers. This includes affordable housing. Through a three-part plan, we will increase the accessibility and supply of housing while protecting your rights. With a new Rent-to-Own program and a tax-free First Homes Savings Account, more young people will be able to become homeowners.

    The future starts with youth. This future includes strong and urgent climate policy. Heatwaves and wildfires have rampaged across Western Canada, and we are going to invest $50 million in training 1,000 firefighters and $450 million in firefighting equipment. A Liberal government will create a new program to help homeowners navigate the energy retrofits process and expand eligibility to fight climate change and reduce greenhouse gases. Additionally, we will establish a $50 million BC Old Growth Nature Fund in partnership with First Nations, local communities, and forestry workers.

    We have had your back through the pandemic, and it’s time to hear your voice. Head to my website (HedyFry.Liberal.ca) or Twitter and Instagram (@HedyFry) for more info.

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    Peter Julian NDP

    New Westminster--Burnaby

    Peter Julian was born and raised in the New Westminster-Burnaby area where his family has lived for four generations. After graduating from New Westminster Secondary School, Peter held a number of jobs as a manual labourer and factory worker for local small businesses. Peter has a degree in Political Science specializing in International Relations, from the University of Quebec in Montreal. 

    Prior to his election to the House of Commons, Peter worked as a Financial Administrator. He is a former Executive Director of the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WIDHH) and, under his leadership; the Institute won consecutive Canadian Consumers’ Choice Awards for Excellence in Business (2003-2004). 

    Since being elected in 2004, Peter has assisted over 20,000 people in the riding with various issues related to the Canada Revenue Agency, Service Canada, Immigration, and many more. Since 2014, he has been serving in two key portfolios: Finance Critic and House Leader for the NDP. 

    Here are what Peter and Jagmeet Singh are fighting for: 

    Healthcare: A fifth of Canadians are unable to afford the medications their doctors prescribe & over 6.5 million Canadians lack dental coverage.

    Climate Action: We must say NO to Trudeau's Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, and instead invest in renewable energy. Peter is leading the fight for the Green New Deal in the House of Commons.

    Tax Fairness: The ultra-rich benefited enormously during the COVID-19 pandemic. We must ensure that the ultra-rich & powerful pay their fair share of taxes, to support programs Canadians need.

    Affordability: Trudeau provided $750 billion in liquidity support to Canada's big banks. Instead, we need to provide support to people including affordable housing, barrier-free post-secondary education,

    support for seniors and people with disabilities. As House Leader for the NDP,  Peter sponsored a motion for guaranteed livable basic income

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    Patrick Weiler Liberal

    West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast--Sea to Sky Country

    Hi! I’m Patrick.


    I was born and raised in West Vancouver and Sechelt, and have family in Squamish. In 2019, I was honoured to be elected as the Member of Parliament for West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country.


    I got into politics to fight climate change. In my career as an environmental and natural resource management lawyer, I’ve represented First Nations, small businesses, municipalities, and non-profit organizations throughout our region and across the globe. I’ve also worked in partnership with the United Nations and international development agencies to improve the governance of natural resources and management of aquatic ecosystems.


    I’m proud of that work, but in 2019 I knew that I could do even more from Ottawa. And I was right: since being elected, I’ve worked directly with Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson to help strengthen Canada’s climate plan. 


    We’ve made achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 the law in Canada, and Minister Wilkinson took my suggestion to put rules in place making the government’s climate reporting more frequent, robust, and transparent.


    We’re building electric vehicle chargers across the country, and giving Canadians $5,000 to buy an EV. That’s led to our province adopting EVs faster than anywhere else in North America. 


    We’re retrofitting homes, planting 2 billion trees, and so much more.


    Overall, we’ve invested over $100 billion dollars in climate action and clean growth. 


    But we’re not done. I’m running again to keep up the fight against climate - and more.


    We need to continue the hard work of reconciliation. We need to finish the fight against COVID.


    We need to build a green, inclusive economy, where our communities are healthy and affordable. Where our society is fair and equitable, and everyone has a chance at success in a thriving economy.


    That’s why I’m running again. Because there’s so much more work to do - and the best is yet to come.

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    Terry Beech Liberal

    Burnaby North—Seymour

    In 2013, my wife, Ravi, and I discussed getting into federal politics and what kind of future we wanted to see for our family and our country. As we got started, I knocked on thousands of doors and used our community’s feedback to shape a platform that would see a majority government elected in 2015. Since then, I’ve focused on delivering on my promise to be one of the hardest working MPs in the country.

    Growing up, my family didn’t have much, which in turn shaped the issues I knew that I wanted to tackle. A big one is access to education. My brother Doug and I were fortunate enough to get scholarships to help us access a post secondary education. These scholarships meant everything to us, so we wanted to make sure other Canadians had the same opportunity. We started a non-profit called TwinBro, through which we helped tens of thousands of kids in British Columbia get scholarships to access post secondary education.

    Most people don’t interact with an MP regularly, but when they do, it’s usually for very important reasons, and it’s crucial that our representative stands up to serve dutifully with purpose and with passion. In six years as the Member of Parliament for Burnaby North-Seymour, I haven’t taken a single day for granted. Our team’s hard work has paid off, and the results we have achieved were acknowledged when I was voted Parliamentarian of the Year by MPs from all political parties.

    Going into this election, and as we move into the future, my focus is to continue working hard to increase access to education for Canadians, tackle the affordability crisis in our communities, improve transportation, and implement a world-leading environmental protection plan. Our team has worked to bring in hundreds of new units of affordable housing into Burnaby and North Vancouver, and I have personally helped create and implement critical legislation to protect our oceans, preserve sensitive ecosystems and reduce carbon emissions so that we can secure the health and sustainability of our planet for future generations. 

    We have a generational opportunity to rebuild from this pandemic in a way that works for everyone. I’m excited for what the future holds, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work together with community members, leaders, and elected officials from all parties to build a better Canada

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    Harjit Sajjan Liberal

    Vancouver South

    As a former detective with the Vancouver Police Department, a former Lieutenant Colonel with the British Columbia Regiment and a long-time advocate for youth education and mentorship programs, Harjit has made serving others a cornerstone of his life.

    Harjit, who immigrated to Canada from India with his family when he was five years old, grew up in South Vancouver and has benefitted from everything our diverse and culturally rich community has to offer.

    For 11 years, Harjit was a member of the Vancouver Police Department, based primarily in South Vancouver. He completed his career as a detective with the gang crime unit. As a member of the British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own), he participated in four operational deployments—one to Bosnia and three to Afghanistan.

    On October 19, 2015, Harjit was elected as Member of Parliament for Vancouver South. He was re-elected on October 21, 2019. He is honoured to serve as a strong voice – and advocate – for the community in the House of Commons, and to bring valuable and informed perspectives to the table. In addition to his role as MP, he proudly serves in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet as Minister of National Defence.

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    Wilson Miao Liberal

    Richmond Centre

    Hello friends! My name is Wilson Miao, your liberal candidate for the riding of Richmond Centre.


    I have lived in Richmond for over 20 years, and I am proud to call Richmond my home. From Ferris Elementary to Richmond Secondary, I have grown up in Richmond Centre since immigrating here with my parents from Hong Kong as a child.


    I am very grateful for Richmond, and I want to represent the many communities here. Canada has given my family so much, and I am passionate about giving back to this land.


    I believe that the core of politics is rooted in strengthening communities. 


    My focuses are:

    - Uphold and promote CANADIAN VALUES

    - Build a SAFER community for everyone

    - Support SENIORS and make retirement more affordable

    - EMPOWER youths

    - Protect our coastal waters and ECOSYSTEMS 

    To learn more about me, connect with me on my Facebook and Instagram! I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Sarah Eves Liberal

    Central Okanagan--Similkameen--Nicola

    As a K-12 teacher, I have worked hard in my classroom to ensure my students understand that elections are the time they have the opportunity to have their voice heard and to pick the direction of their country.  I truly believe that when people take the time to learn about the candidates and then vote for the candidate they support, real change is possible.

    I decided to run for politics because I saw first hand that when the Liberal Party of Canada came into power they introduced programs that supported some of the most vulnerable in our society.  By introducing programs like the Child Tax Benefit fewer children came to my classroom hungry.  I know there is more work to do to reduce poverty in our country but I also know the Liberal Party has the best plan.

    The Liberal Party has shown during the COVID pandemic that protecting individuals and businesses is what is important.  They have a track record of showing you can take bold action to protect the environment, like banning single use plastic, introducing a national price on pollution, investing in green infrastructure etc., while also growing the economy.  Their investments in programs like the National $10 Child Care program will help those that need it the most.

    As the LGBTQ2S and Diversity Lead at my school it was also important to me that the party I wanted to represent understand the importance of inclusivity and ensure a secure environment for all people.  I believe the Liberal Party's track record is clear that they are working on addressing systemic racism and eliminating harmful practices like Conversion Therapy.

    I ask you to vote in this election and pick a candidate that will continue to advocate for all people, work at protecting the environment for future generations and grow the economy so we all can have what we need.

    Lastly a little about me.  I am a mom of three (17, 20, 23), married my high school sweetheart 25 years ago, I attended SFU for a BA in History, I got my BEd from UNBC and completed my Certificate in Inclusive Education from Queens University.  I am passionate about being a voice in my home community of Merritt BC to help those that need it the most.  

    Learn more about my campaign at saraheves.liberal.ca, phone (250)-317-9448.

  • Profile picture for Gordie Hogg

    Gordie Hogg Liberal

    South Surrey--White Rock

    Gordie has lived in White Rock all his life. His father, Dr. Al Hogg was one of the first physicians in White Rock, and has a wing of the Peace Arch Hospital named after him, the Dr. Al Hogg Pavilion.


    Gordie has continued this spirit of service through his 47 years of public service at various levels of government. As the Mayor of White Rock, Gordie oversaw the building of the White Rock Promenade. As provincial MLA, and the Minister of Children and Families, Gordie created Community Living BC, now a 1.3-billion-dollar government agency that supports families and people with disabilities. As a Member of Parliament, Gordie helped to secure federal funding to bring fresh water back to the Semiahmoo First Nations, helping to lift their 16-year long boiling water advisory.

    Throughout his life, Gordie, and his wife Laverne, have always strived to do whats best for his community. Gordie has coached numerous sports teams, been a youth probation officer, worked at the Salvation Army House of Concord, the warden of the Burnaby Youth Custody Centre, founded the Night Hoops Basketball program, which helps to get youth off the streets by providing a no-cost basketball league, and a foster parent. In everything he does, he strives for openness and transparency, and is not afraid to work with those of all political stripes.

    Gordie was appointed an Adjunct Professor of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, where he had completed his PhD.